Tell Obama's Trade Rep to stop paving the way for Keystone XL

It's time to tell the Obama Aministrations top trade negotiator to stop paving the way for Keystone XL!

Michael Froman, the US Trade Representative in charge of negotiating a variety of secretive "free trade" agreements, is apparently siding with Big Oil in demanding that Europe weaken its climate laws.1

His reasoning? Unless Europe weakens its climate laws, US diesel exports, which will contain tarsands, will be less competitive.

We've been saying for years that the purpose of the Keystone XL is to bring dirty tar sands oil to the Gulf Coast, where it will be primarily refined into diesel for export.2

So what they're doing by pressuring Europe to weaken its fuel quality directive is making sure that Keystone XL's dirty fuel can be sold in Europe. They're apparently ignoring the climate in these corporate, secretive trade negotiations. Not exactly a surprise, but now that the truth has come out, we need to make our voices heard.

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1 See our first report on Keystone XL and exports here.
2 See reporting from Huffington Post here.