Demand an investigation of the Keystone XL conflict of interest!

In April, over 1 million comments were submitted by the public expressing concern that the State Department's analysis of the Keystone XL pipeline was fundamentally flawed. With so many people speaking out expressing concerns, one has to ask, how was such a problematic report written in the first place?

We now know that the firm hired by the State Department to write this flawed review is a dues-paying member of Big Oil’s mouthpiece in Washington, the American Petroleum Institute.1 And, many of the sub-contractors hired by the firm to do the Keystone review have deep ties to the oil industry.2

No wonder that the administration’s own Environmental Protection Agency has criticized the State Department’s report.

The fact that the State Department ignored its own guidance and allowed a dues-paying member of the American Petroleum Institute to write the environmental review of the Keystone is scandalous enough. But making matters worse, State Department employees were actively involved in an attempt to cover up this firm’s ties to Big Oil.

There is clear evidence that someone in the State Department altered the official disclosure forms that would have revealed these ties.3 The stakes in this fight couldn’t be higher. We simply cannot allow the administration to decide whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline based on a flawed environmental report written by Big Oil.

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See ERM in the API membership list here
2 See reporting from Inside Climate News here
Reported in Mother Jones magazine by Andy Kroll